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The Award Winners for each category are:

Category 1 - Master Breeder of the Year Nominations.

Nancy and Klaus Keck
Maggiormente Neopolitan Mastiffs

Category 2 - Master Responsible Pet Owner of the Year

Michelle Gurney

Category 3 - Master Puppy Buyer of the Year

Clint Brittain and Jane Millard

Category 4 - Master Rescuer of the Year

Amanda Booth –  Shar Pei Rescue Inc

Category 5 - Breeder of the Year

Bernadette Smith

Category 6 - Most Responsible Pet owner of the Year

Debbie Donald

Category 7 - Best Canine Rescuer of the Year.

Di Edwards - Working Dog Rescue

Category 8 - Best Canine Foster Carer of the Year

Lynda Smith

Category 9 - Best Pet Sitter/walker of the Year

Pet Sitting Plus

Category 10 - Most Supportive Vet of the Year

Dr Fiona Warton

Category 11 - Best Vet Nurse/Receptionist of the Year

Jo Lui

Category 12 - Best Vet Surgery/Clinic of the Year

South Eastern Animal Hospital

Category 13 - Best Canine Specialist Provider

Dogs In Motion

Category 14 -Best Canine Groomer of the Year

Murphy’s Paw

Category 15 - Best Dog Trainer of the Year

The K9 Company

Category 16 - Best MDBA Student of the Year

Kylie Hibberd

Category 17 - Best Canine Related Website

Category 18 - Excellence in Service and or Contribution in Canine Affairs

Judi Buchan

Category 19 - Best Boarding Kennel of the Year

Lisa Carter

Category 20 - Best dog Transport Provider

Dog Tainers Sydney

Category 21 - Outstanding Service to MDBA Pacers

Chris Lythollous

Category 22 - Best Dog Related Publication

Dogs Life Magazine

Category 23 - Best Dog Supply Retail Outlet

Silver Eagle

Category 24 - Best Canine Photographer

Alex Cearns –Houndstooth Studios

Category 25 - Best Dog Insurance Provider of the Year

Pet Plan

Category 26 - Best Pet Friendly Tourist Destination

Best Friends Holiday Retreat

Category 27 - Best Dog Related Product of the Year

Fresh 4 Paws – Suzette Ryan

Category 28 - Best Dog Related Service Provider of the Year

Pets at Peace Central West

Category 31 - Best Junior in Canine Helpfulness and or Kindness

Jack Waddington