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MDBA Annual Dog Owners Choice Awards.


Members of the public are invited to recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements of inspiring people and businesses in their care and activities relating to canines by nominating them for an MDBA award.

  1. The nominator is required to nominate in accordance with the category criteria and provide clear and complete up to date contact information.
  2. The nominee must meet the criteria listed in the individual category they have been nominated in.
  3. The nominee cannot be an employee of the MDBA,an MDBA board member or a relative of an MDBA employeee or board member. 
  4. The nominee will be informed of who has nominated them and what their nominations say about them unless the nominator requests within the nomination submission that the MDBA keep this information confidential. This request must be made at the same time as the nomination is tendered

5.  Unless the nominee is a current certified MDBA member acceptance by the MDBA of the nomination is not an endorsement by the MDBA as to the nominee’s activities or practices.


6.  The MDBA Dog Owners Choice Awards are conducted by MDBA Pty Ltd. P.O. Box 31, Ganmain,NSW Australia 2702. Phone +61269276707

7.  In these terms and conditions of entry unless otherwise stated, a reference to "you" or "your" includes you in your personal capacity or in the case of a business, as a representative of the business associated with your nomination into the Awards.

8.  By accepting a nomination as an entry to the Awards:

a.  you warrant that you have the capacity to enter the Awards in your personal capacity;

b.  that you fit the category or categories you have been nominated in and

c.  you agree to these terms and conditions.


9.  To be eligible to enter the Awards and be eligible to win, you must:

 a.  be nominated according to the criteria required in the category you are nominated in

 b.  comply with these Terms and Conditions; and

 c.  have a nomination submitted which fits the category and awards conditions online on the MDBA Awards website by midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time on January 31st each year or received by mail at the MDBA Head office by the close of business on the 5th of February each year.

10.  In order to be eligible to accept a nomination in the Awards, you must meet the criteria set out in these Terms and Conditions, including:

a.  you have never been found guilty of any act of animal cruelty:

b.  you are not an employee or a member of the board of directors of the MDBA 

11.  The MDBA reserves the right to declare any entry ineligible if, in the reasonable opinion of the MDBA :

a.  you are considered to be unable to represent or promote the MDBA Awards in a satisfactory manner;

b.  your nomination has not complied with these Terms and Conditions,

c.  the entry form details are incomplete or incorrect; or

d.  any information provided by you or the person who has nominated you is deficient, false or misleading in any way.

Process for listing the nominees on the Awards website

12.  When a nomination is received by the MDBA it will be given a preliminary screening to ensure the form is complete and it meets the category nomination criteria.

13.  The nominee will be contacted to inform them of their nomination, who nominated them and what the nomination says about them.

14.  If the nominee is happy to accept the terms and conditions and the nomination their nomination will be progressed to the next step. If they are not happy to agree to the MDBA Awards terms and conditions the nomination will become null and void and be discarded.

15.  Where possible within 7 days the nominator will be notified that their nomination has been accepted or denied by the nominee.

16.  If the nomination is accepted the nominee will be given the opportunity to submit a questionnaire of additional information to be included with their nomination for judging. This must be completed and received by the MDBA within 14 days of the request being made or the questionnaire answers will not be included in the judging.

17.  Where possible within 14 days after the MDBA has been notified of the acceptance of the nomination by the nominee the name and details will be listed in the nomination section for each category on the awards website and they will be emailed a MDBA Awards nominee logo.

18.  The MDBA will not be held liable if a nominee is not added to the nominee’s page on the MDBA Awards website nor if it is not added within 14 days after they have accepted the nomination.

19.  If a nominee isn’t listed at any particular given time on the MDBA Awards website it is not an indication that they have not been nominated.

20.  It is not possible for a person or business to win a MDBA Award unless they have been nominated within the timeframe set out above.

21.  Nominees will be emailed the MDBA Awards nomination logo pertinent to the category they have been nominated in. They can use the logo electronically or in print media. Hyper links to the MDBA Awards website ( must be included when adding the logo to electronic media

22.  Nominees who have websites will have their website link to it on the MDBA Awards website on the Annual Awards Nominees page.

23.  Nominees can use their nomination to promote themselves and/or their businesses.

24.  The MDBA will promote all MDBA Award nominees as being nominated in their particular category.

25.  If Nominees wish to join the MDBA they can can utilise their questionnaire and any nomination details as part of the membership application and they will receive a reduced price for their first year’s membership.

26.  The MDBA may decide at its discretion and in exceptional circumstances to presume acceptance of a nomination and add the nominee to the nominees list without the nominee’s prior approval.

27.  In the event that a nominee is added without prior consent to the nominee list and the MDBA receive a request to remove the nominee, the MDBA will remove the nominee’s details from the listings within 48 hours and remove the nominations from the judging material if the request to remove them is received prior to February 28theach year.

Winners Announcements.

28.  Winners of each category will be announced and prizes awarded at a Gala evening  in late May  each year. The specific time and venue will be announced during the nomination period.

29.  Winners will be announced on our website within 48 hours of the presentation of awards at the Gala evening.


30.  The Awards comprise of the following 23 categories:




Master Breeder of the Year

- Must be nominated by a puppy buyer or another MDBA member. This award is not about the success of the breeder's dogs in dog-related events or the amount of litters they breed. This is about standards of service, support and ethics provided to their puppy buyers. Must be a financial Breeder member of the MDBA.


Master  Responsible Dog Owner of the Year

- Must be a Responsible Dog Owner member of the MDBA.


Master Canine Rescuer of the Year

- Must be nominated by someone who has bought one of their dogs or by someone who is a foster carer/rescuer attached to the rescue group or another MDBA member. This award is not about how many dogs they have rescued but about their standards of service, support and ethics to their clients and foster carers. Must be a financial Rescue member of the MDBA


Master Professional of the Year

- Must be nominated by a client or another MDBA member. This award is not about the success of the members business but about service standards and ethics they have shown to their clients. Must be a financial Professional member of the MDBA.


Canine Foster Carer of the Year

- Must be nominated by a rescue group/service. This award is not about how many dogs a foster carer has fostered but about their standards of service and dedication. Open to Australian residents.


Pet Sitter/Walker of the Year

- Must be nominated by a client for excellence in standards of service. Open to Australian residents.


Most Supportive Vet of the Year

- Open to Australian residents and must be nominated by a client.


Vet Nurse /Receptionist of the Year

- Must be nominated by a client or a vet and located in Australia.


Canine Service Provider of the Year

- Must trade in Australia and be nominated by a client


Canine Groomer of the Year

- Open to Australian residents and must be nominated by a client. This award is about standards in service.


Canine Trainer of the Year

- Open to Australian residents and must be nominated by a client. This award is not about dogs trained to win awards but about the trainer's dedication and standards in service.


MDBA Student of the Year

- Must be a student member of the Master Dog Breeders Academy and be nominated by a MDBA faculty member.


Outstanding Contribution in Canine Affairs

- Open to anyone


Boarding Kennel of the Year

- Must be nominated by a client and be located in Australia.


Pet Transport Service of the Year

- Must be nominated by a client and branches in or based in Australia


Canine Supply Retail Outlet of the Year

- Must be nominated by a client or customer and be located in Australia. Must not sell live animals


Canine Publication or Article of the Year

- Open to any canine related traditional or digital publication or article.


Canine Photographer/Artist of the Year

- Must be nominated by a client or customer and be based in Australia. This is about service and ethics to their clients.


Fundraiser of the Year 

 Must be a volunteer and fundraise for a Canine related cause


Canine Product of the Year

- Must be nominated by a client or customer and be located in Australia.


Canine Friendly Tourist Destination of the Year

- Must be nominated by a dog owner who is a client/visitor and be located in Australia.


Smart Dog Owner

- Must be a member of the Smart Dog Owner Club.


Responsible Dog Owner

- Must be a dog owner that demonstrates behaviours of responsibility in dog ownership.


31.  The information contained in the MDBA Awards nomination form and the questionnaire becomes the property of the MDBA and can be used by the MDBA, or a MDBA Awards Sponsor for any promotional or marketing purposes.

32.  If you are a MDBA Award winner, you may be required to be available for promotional appearances. Any promotional appearances will promote the winner, the MDBA Awards, and to a reasonable extent the MDBA (including its products or services), and the Sponsors (including its products or services) and will not unreasonably interfere with your business or personal commitments; and for each requested Promotional Appearance, the party requesting the appearance will pay the reasonable travel and expenses for you.

33.  The MDBA may use:

a.  your personal identity anywhere in the world in any advertisement or other material in any media which promotes the MDBA Awards or the products or services of the MDBA or the Sponsors; and

b.  details about you and, your canine related activities without compensation to you. Prior to using your business identity, or your personal identity, or details about you or your business (as the case may be), the MDBA or the Sponsor will obtain your prior approval, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

34.  By accepting a nomination in the MDBA Awards you agree to allow the MDBA and the Award Sponsors to contact you to provide comments about the Awards and to take promotional photos.

a.  Any promotional material the MDBA and or the MDBA Award Sponsors have relating to your nomination or your winning of a MDBA Award Category may be used for any future promotional and marketing purposes; and

 b.  You acknowledge that, by accepting the nomination to the MDBA Awards, you grant to the MDBA and the Sponsor on creation of the Materials a worldwide, royalty free, perpetual, exclusive and irrevocable license to use the Materials for whatever purpose they deem fit.


35.  At any time the MDBA reserves the right to disqualify entries in the event of non-compliance with these Terms and conditions.

36.  If you or (if you are a Business Owner), your business is involved in any conduct or activity that:

a.  is illegal;

b.  is fraudulent;

c.  may harm the MDBA Awards, the MDBA, or their name or reputation; or

d.  breaches these Terms and Conditions, The MDBA may, in its discretion, withdraw any MDBA Award and associated prizes that you have received including the use of the MDBA Awards nomination or winners logos. If requested by the MDBA , you agree to no longer publically promote yourself or your business (if relevant) as being associated with the MDBA Awards, the MDBA , or the Sponsors. To avoid doubt, this clause survives any time limitation.

37.  The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

38.  The MDBA accepts no responsibility if nomination submissions or questionnaires or additional information is not received by the MDBA for any reason.

39.  All submitted nominations and questionnaires become the property of the MDBA.

40.  The MDBA , at their sole discretion, have the right to alter or cancel part or all of the MDBA Awards at any time.

41.  The MDBA will not be liable for and expressly excludes liability to you for any loss, injury or damage which results directly or indirectly from the MDBA Awards, including the breach of any third party intellectual property rights.

42.  Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Terms and Conditions of use apply to any prizes.

43.  The MDBA collects personal information about nominees in the MDBA Awards and, where appropriate, awards prizes. If the correct contact information requested is not provided by the nominator , the nominee cannot participate in the MDBA Awards.

44.  By participating in the MDBA Awards, you confirm that you consent, until such time as you withdraw your consent by giving notice to the MDBA, to the MDBA using, and disclosing your personal information to MDBA related entities, the Sponsors and other third parties engaged to provide services in connection with the MDBA Awards, for use for the following purposes:

a.  administering the Awards;

b.  improving the MDBA, its related entities' or Sponsors' products and services;

c.  contacting you in the future for marketing purposes via any medium including mail, telephone (regardless of whether the entrant is registered on the Do Not Call Register) and commercial electronic messages (SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging and email) or any other media; and

d.  If you wish to gain access to, update or correct any personal information held by the MDBA or withdraw your consent to receive further marketing material from the MDBA you may do so by calling the MDBA on +61269276707. If you wish to opt out of receiving Awards material or further marketing material from Sponsors, or request that your personal information not be disclosed to Sponsors, you may do so by calling the MDBA Awards Team on +61269276707.

45.  By entering the Awards you agree to submit to the laws of New South Wales, Australia and you submit to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that place and the courts of appeal from them.