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Q. I have been nominated by more than one person does that increase my chances of winning?

 A. The number of times you have been nominated does not influence the judging process though each nomination is read and taken into account during judging. You only need to submit one questionnaire for additional information regardless of how many times you have been nominated.

 Q. What should I do if I have been nominated but I do not wish to enter the Awards.?

 A. If you have been nominated by someone you know, you may choose to let them know the reason you are not entering and inform the MDBA of your withdrawal. There is no obligation to enter the Awards.

 Q. Do I have to become a MDBA member to win an Award?

A. The only categories that require MDBA membership is for the Master categories. For all other categories you do not need to be a member.

 Q. Does it cost to enter the Awards. ?

A. There is no cost for you to enter the Awards.

 Q. Where can I get help with my questionnaire?

A. The Awards team is ready to help. Please call 02 69276707 9 am – 5pm Monday to Friday AEST, or email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .You can download the questionnaire here

 Q. Can I win more than one award?

A. Yes, you can win more than one award in any category you are eligible for and nominated in.
Q. Who will judge my entry?

A. Judges are selected from a pool of local, national and international dog people by the MDBA Board. The panel is made up of 6 ordinary every day dog owners and one MDBA representative. All judges must sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that your entry submission and details about you and/or your business will not be disclosed to anyone outside the judging process. Your entry will be treated with the strictest confidence at all times. The judges do not know each other and have no opportunity to discuss the nominees among themselves. 

 Q. What will the judges be looking for?

A. A detailed set of judging guidelines is used to help judges assess your entry based on the criteria for each category. Judges are looking for relevant and informative answers specific to the criteria for the category. In most cases the questions are behaviorally based and address how you treat your clients or their dogs. All questions are designed to help convey your philosophies and practices. It is important to address all elements that have lead to your success; how you have achieved success to date, as well as your plans and vision for the future. There is rarely one single element that sets winners apart; however in the past, the judges have commented that many of the winners have displayed the following common characteristics:

  • Vision, integrity, self-awareness and a balanced approach
  • Ability to act as positive role models for both men and women
  • Social, community and industry contribution
  • Passion and commitment to their dogs, chosen fields or activities
  • Demonstration of leadership and passion for mentoring others
  • High energy, coupled with personal discipline, organisation and focus
  •  Q Can I get a copy of my nomination?

    A. The MDBA does not provide copies of nominations.

 Q Can I get any feedback on my submission?

A. It is not possible for the judges or the MDBA to give feedback on your submission.

 Q. When do tickets go on sale for the Gala evening ?

A. Tickets go on sale by end of January and all ticket sales will be offered for sale on this website.

 Q. How can I stay up to date with news of the Awards?

A. The latest information will be available on the website and also posted on Face book and Twitter. Photos from this year’s events will be available via this website.